Gods of Gambling


Gambling is one of the most popular and common pastimes in the world, but it is far from a modern pursuit. There are so many cultures where gambling plays a prominent role, and it is something that has existed for the longest time. The fact of the matter is that a lot of cultures and religions share certain beliefs and philosophies about gambling, and these are some of the main gods of gambling that are well-known across different religions and cultures. 

Lakshmi: mythology – Hindu

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of prosperity and wealth, who is often, by extension, viewed as the goddess of fortune and gambling. Lakshmi is often called upon to emblem believers with luck in general, but specifically for those who are looking to get lucky when it comes to gambling. In the Hindu religion and mythology, Lakshmi is beloved, and her role as the wife of Vishnu has made her an inescapable part of the teachings and beliefs of Hindus. Indians worship Lakshmi in Autumn during the Festival of Light, but she is worshipped and prayed to throughout the year by those seeking good fortune and positive luck.

Hermes: mythology – Greek

Hermes is believed to be the god of gambling and luck, as the legend has it that he could outwit mankind, as well as other gods, through the use of his trickery. Whilst associated with fertility, wealth, and good luck, this is also a god with a mischievous side. Which, due to the mercurial nature of gambling, pretty much makes him the perfect choice for a god of gambling. Much like the up and down nature that comes with betting and gambling, Hermes was historically not a god to be trusted. According to legends, even as a child, Hermes was playing tricks and getting up to mischief. In recent times, he is viewed as a god of modern-day thieves, gamblers and tricksters. And he is often prayed to or invoked by those seeking to enjoy some good fortune in their lives, especially gamblers. 

Fortuna: mythology – Roman

Of all the many gods of gambling that exist, Fortuna is one of the most well-known and is a key name in Ancient Roman culture. She is said to be the goddess of luck and fortune, hence the name. Favoured by slaves for her ability to bestow riches and liberty upon people. She is typically portrayed with a horn as well as the wheel of fortune, and she is regarded as one of the enduring symbols of luck and prosperity.

Nezha: mythology – Chinese

The Chinese rank among the most superstitious cultures on the planet, and luck is very much the cornerstone of their belief system. So, it should come as no surprise to see Nezha’s name on this list. Allegedly born during the Chung dynasty, Nezha was born a boy, not a baby, and defeated his enemy, before committing suicide to save his family. He is now routinely worshipped for help with lottery and gambling luck and success, as he is considered to be one of the most mischievous and trickster gods. Nezha is believed to be the cause of luck and prosperity enjoyed in Chinese culture, and this plays a massive part in their superstitious beliefs

Thoth: mythology – Egyptian

We all know the staying power of Egyptian mythology, and how their gods shaped those of other cultures and religions. And, one of the most popular and well-known Egyptian gods is Thoth. Widely considered to be the god of writing, wisdom, and magic, he is closely linked with prosperity, luck, and gambling. He is believed to possess the same powers and abilities as Hermes, and, according to legend,  he earned 5 additional days by winning a game of dice against the Moon. Those seeking to enjoy success in numerous games will often pray to Thoth for luck, guidance, and divine intervention. 


These are five of the most prevalent and popular gods of gambling that can be found in cultures and mythologies all across the world. Many of these are ancient deities that have been worshipped for years, and, in some cases, are not even specifically linked to gambling. But over time they have come to represent things associated with luck, success, gambling, and more. These gods continue to play a big role in modern cultures and will have a big impact on how people in certain religions or cultures view luck and fortune. Next time you hear of one of these gods being mentioned you’ll understand that it is most likely to do with gambling, luck, and success.

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