How to Cancel GamStop

While gambling can be fun and exciting, it can also lead you down a difficult road. For this reason, many people use GamStop to self-exclude from gambling. After some time of using GamStop, you might want to cancel it. Read ahead to find out how you can cancel GamStop and the advantages and disadvantages of cancelling it. 

How to Cancel GamStop Self-Exclusion?

GamStop self-exclusion feature means that you use the GamStop software to block your access to certain gambling websites for around six months. If you want to cancel or reverse GamStop self-exclusion, there is no way to do this. You simply have to wait out the self-exclusion period. Once the period has expired, there are steps you can take. 

Can I Stop GamStop After the Self-Excluding Period?

If you’re wondering how to cancel GamStop or stop GamStop after the self-exclusion period is over, the solution is simple. Once your minimum self-exclusion period has expired, you can choose to deactivate GamStop by calling the contact centre and going through a twenty-four-hour cooling-off period. Once this period is over, you can start online gambling again. 

If your minimum self-exclusion period expires and you don’t contact GamStop, then the self-exclusion will automatically be continued for an additional seven years, and GamStop will not get in touch with you to remind you that your minimum self-exclusion period has expired. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cancelling GamStop

Cancelling GamStop will present you with a number of advantages and disadvantages. Most of the advantages of stopping GamStop have to do with your regained ability to gamble. Some of the advantages include: 

  • Renewed ability to play for money: Once GamStop is no longer active, you can go back to visiting gambling websites and online casinos that allow you to place bets and play for money.
  • Possible earnings from gambling: If luck is on your side and you have some skills when it comes to casino and card games, you can earn quite a bit of money by playing online. 
  • Gambling and casino games as a relaxing activity: If you enjoy staying home instead of going out, gambling and casino games are a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. 

While some of the advantages we mentioned might seem attractive, the disadvantages of cancelling GamStop can be quite severe and can get you into serious trouble. Some of the disadvantages include: 

  • Your addiction can worsen: If you are someone that gets addicted to things easily, you may find your gambling addiction worsening once you cancel GamStop and start gambling online more often. 
  • You might find yourself losing money or going into debt: Luck can’t always be on your side, and one or two bad games can easily send you into a downward spiral of debt and losing money
  • Emotional risks from gambling: Many people experience some emotional risks, such as general unhappiness and fatigue, as a result of excessive gambling.  
  • Trouble stopping again: Once you get back into the addiction of gambling online, it can be even more difficult to stop if you ever decide you want to in the future.  


The bottom line is that GamStop is a very useful tool to stop you from gambling online or developing an addiction. However, if you are wondering how to cancel GamStop, you can do so once the minimum self-exclusion period is over. 


How long does a GamStop exclusion last?

When cancelling GamStop, you can choose a minimum self-exclusion period. The options to choose from are six months, one year, or five years. You are free to choose any of these three options for your personal minimum self-exclusion period. 

Why can I not remove my GamStop account?

The only time you cannot remove your GamStop account is when your self-exclusion period is still active. If you wait until the self-exclusion has expired, then you can go ahead and call the GamStop contact centre to remove your account

How to gamble if I cannot stop GamStop?

You can look for certain online casinos that don’t require GamStop removal. Alternatively, you can go to brick-and-mortar casinos which do not ask for too much about your personal information or do not require verifications. 

Is it possible to unregister from GamStop?

While your self-exclusion period is active, there is no way to officially unregister from GamStop. You would have to wait until your self-exclusion period has expired. Once your self-exclusion period expires, then you know how to cancel GamStop

Is it safe to reverse GamStop?

While it is completely safe to reverse GamStop, you should be wary of the problems that can arise from excessive online gambling or if you develop a gambling addiction. GamStop is a useful tool in helping you keep a check on your gambling habits. 

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