Unlucky Numbers Around The World


No matter where you go, you’ll find Countries and Cultures with a superstition about unlucky numbers around the world. Although many would argue such fears are irrational, there is a reason why these numbers are thought to bring bad luck. From numerology to religious beliefs, we have designed an unlucky numbers list so you know what to avoid and how it can help you hit the jackpot. That isn’t all, though. We have also identified numbers that bring good luck so you can find out how to make numbers work for you

Unlucky Numbers 

If you’re someone who believes in superstition, it’s important to know the most unlucky numbers around the world.

4 (China)

Chinese culture dictates that the number four is unlucky. This Tetraphobia comes from the fact that the Chinese word for four sounds similar to the word for ‘death’, which is arguably considered unlucky in all cultures. It is considered so unlucky that Chinese buildings often skip past the fourth floor (much like the 13th floor in other countries). Chinese drivers will also avoid number plates that end in four, too.  

13 (Worldwide)

Everyone knows by now that 13 is considered one of the top 10 unlucky numbers worldwide. Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13, is arguably the biggest number-based fear. Theories for this include religion, as Judas Iscariot was the thirteenth person to sit at the table during The Last Supper. Thirteen Full Moons were also considered problematic by monks, as it affected festival arrangement while Friday 13th has become synonymous with bad luck. 

17 (Italy)

The Italians consider the number 17 unlucky and treat Friday 17th the same way other countries do Friday 13th. This is because the Roman numeral for 17, XVII can be rearranged into VIXI, which is the Latin for my life is over

39 (Afghanistan)

The Afghan people are uneasy about 39, which many believe translates into morda-gow and literally means dead cow. It is also slang for pimp, which encourages Afghans to avoid anything – including car number plates – with the number 39. 

Lucky Numbers 

As much as you find unlucky numbers, there are also lucky numbers around the world that could bring you good fortune.

3 (China)

In Chinese symbolism, 3 sounds like the word for birth and represents the three stages of life; birth, marriage, and death.

7 (Worldwide)

The number seven is considered a lucky number across the globe. You see it everywhere at casinos and sports stars will choose this number for the back of their shirt to bring them good luck. In the Bible, seven denoted perfection, as it was the day God rested. 

9 (Thailand)

Nine is considered the luckiest number in the Thai language. The pronunciation of gao is similar to the Thai for moving forward, which is considered a positive sign and could hint at success in your future. 

12 (China, Norse Mythology, Christianity) 

The number 12 is considered lucky in a wide range of cultures. It serves as the last number before 13, encouraging many to consider it the perfect number. Furthermore, those interested in numerology believe it is a welcoming number that accommodates everyone. 

Trying Your Luck

Whether odd or even everyone has their own set of lucky and unlucky numbers. Sure, it could be superstition, and there may not be any supernatural forces at work, yet something is comforting about knowing what numbers to avoid and which you can rely on. If you are searching for a way to change your fortunes, look at which numbers you choose and how they may affect your success. 


What are the most unlucky numbers in the world?

The most unlucky numbers in UK and the rest of the world include 4, 13, 17, and 39. You are also likely to find unlucky numbers in other cultures, with 666 (the Number of the Beast) being prevalent in both religious and everyday society. Furthermore, everyone will have their own reasons for considering what makes a number lucky or not.

Is the number 9 unlucky?

While the number 9 is considered lucky in most parts of the world, the Japanese feel the opposite. This is because of the pronunciation. Nine in Japanese, Kyū, sounds similar to the words for torture or suffering. It’s no surprise that the Japanese will look to avoid this word at all costs. 

Why is 444 unlucky?

Most people would consider 444 lucky. It is considered the Angel number, but this is not a universal opinion. Some cultures, such as China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea believe 444 is unlucky. As mentioned previously, 4 sounds similar to death in Chinese, so this same number repeated can only spell trouble for those who utter it. 

What does 555 mean?

Numerology considers 555 as a sign that something is about to happen, among many other positive connotations, including being in touch with the universe or even signalling you have visited this area before. You will find 555 written in many places around Thailand, too, as the Thai word for 5 is ha, and 555 translates to hahaha, demonstrating laughter and joy. 

What does 1212 mean?

Although there are many examples of unlucky numbers around the world, 1212 is not one of them. Another angel number, it is one of the most powerful numbers you can encounter. The number symbolises joy, contentment, and prosperity, making it an appealing choice for those who trust their luck and believe in themselves to succeed.

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