Biggest Slot Wins


 Whether you love poker, roulette, or a game of blackjack, there is no doubt that playing slots is a lot of fun and an exciting experience. But as well as enjoying the gameplay, all players dream of one day achieving epic, record-breaking slot machine wins at the casino and earning themselves an impressive amount of prize money.

In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about ten of the biggest casino slot wins. Here we will share the details of these biggest slot wins, including where they took place and how much money the lucky gamblers won. 

10 Biggest Slot Wins

  1. $11.6 million on a cell phone

This $11.6 million win shows that you don’t even need to visit a casino to achieve impressive wins on a slot game. Back in 2016, one lucky winner scooped $11.6 million playing the Mega Moolah slot game on the Zodiac Casino site. There were no dealers in sight as she won while playing on her Android smartphone. This jackpot prize is thought to be the biggest ever slot win on a mobile device. 

  2. $11.8 million at Fremont in Las Vegas

A visit to Las Vegas proved to be a lucrative trip for one visitor from Southern California. Rodolfo T. scooped an incredible $11.8 million jackpot in 2017 during a visit to the Fremont Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Rodolfo T. struck the jackpot playing on one of the International Game Technology slot machines. The win is believed to be the largest ever jackpot prize in the Fremont Hotel and Casino’s 60-year history.

  3.$12.8 million, Aria Resort, Las Vegas

Another big win using an International Game Technology slot machine was achieved in 2011 by an anonymous gambler who won almost $12.8 million. The visitor to the Aria Resort, Las Vegas, played the slot machines with just a $6 bet, which resulted in a win of a staggering $12,769,233. The lucky winner reportedly thought that the machine had malfunctioned when the symbols lined up before realising she had won the Megabucks jackpot.

  4. $18.2 million on Mega Moolah

British soldier, Jonathon Heywood, won a life-changing $18.2 million playing the Mega Moolah slot. The jackpot was a record-breaking payout for Mega Moolah and worked out at an incredible £13,213,838.68. The Mega Moolah jackpot had been building steadily before surpassing the £13 million mark. The 26-year-old from Cheshire scooped the prize after placing bets of just 25p per spin on the online slot machines.

  5.$20 million in Roman coins

A trip to Ceasars Palace proved extremely lucky for one Illinois business consultant who hit the Megabucks jackpot. The 49-year-old visited the Las Vegas casino in 1999 and bet just $10 on a Megabucks machine. This unknown visitor saw his $10 bet become an incredible $20 million win when he hit the jackpot on his first spin, providing him with a very healthy return on his wager.

  6.$21 million for World War II veteran

World War II veteran, Elmer Sherwin, defied the odds by winning on Megabucks, not once but twice. The first win came when Elmer was 80 years old and struck it lucky, winning an impressive $4.6 million. Fast forward 12 years and Elmer returned to the same casino, but this time he scooped the jackpot, winning himself an incredible $21,147,947, and donated a large portion of his fortune to Hurricane Katrina victims.

  7.$24 million heads to Finland

The Mega Fortune slot game certainly lived up to its name for one 40-year-old poker player. The player managed to secure a $24 million fortune from just a 25 cents stake, which has to be one of the biggest slot wins for such a small stake. The anonymous player achieved the win on an online slot game, proving that small bets really can become big wins without even needing to visit a casino.

  8.$27.5 million sky-high win

Another mega win for a Megabucks player came in 1998 at the Palace Station Resort, Las Vegas. A retired flight attendant, and long-time resident of Las Vegas, chose to remain anonymous after winning the largest slot jackpot in history. The lucky lady’s prize totalled $27,582,539.48. The 67-year-old struck lucky again in the same place, winning $680,000 on the day that her husband retired – as retirement bonuses go, it’s certainly impressive!

  9. $34.9 million – cocktails!

In 2000, cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay Brennan achieved one of the most impressive performances at a casino when she won an amazing $35 million. After a shift at work, the waitress popped into the Dessert Inn casino and won her fortune in just one hour. Cynthia was injured in a car accident a few weeks after her win and is now wheelchair-bound. Now, Cynthia donates to Free Wheelchair Mission and also campaigns against drink driving.

  10.$39.7 million magic at Excalibur

Another big slot win and another tale of a jackpot win for a Megabucks player. This time the lucky winner was a software engineer playing at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. This lucky young man secured himself a fortune back in 2003 when he won $39.7 million on Megabucks after gambling just $100. As his prize was so vast, the money is being paid to the winner in instalments over a 25-year period.


If you have ever hoped that a few spins of the wheel at an online casino or in-person could result in winning a small fortune, you may have thought that it was just not possible and never really happened to anyone. However, these real-life biggest slot wins prove that big wins are entirely possible. While winning is never guaranteed when gambling, working on your skills and putting them to the test could help you to win more money than you ever imagined. Achieving a perfect poker-hand ranking and analysing losses will help you to keep improving your game. Who knows, you could one day feature on this list with your own success story.

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