Win Both Halves Meaning


Though the score at the end of a soccer match is what matters to players, it’s far from the only thing that matters to bettors. Betting to win both halves, which is the win both halves meaning, focuses on the goal in both halves. Is halves betting a recommended strategy, how do you go about it, and can you win both halves?

What Does Win Both Halves Mean In Football?

The meaning behind win both halves is relatively simple. Though the final score is what typically matters to a team, it’s the score at the end of both halves of the match is what matters here. With this betting strategy, you’ll hope that a particular team wins both halves of the game.

Though this usually means that the team simply has to win each half, it can also include how many goals they scored during the half, but that can depend on the specific types of bet you place.

How Often Do Teams Win Both Halves?

Bettors looking to win both halves will need to be able to pick a winner for both halves of the sporting events if they want to win. Picking the winning team for each half can be difficult, however, and tips and tricks will be needed to place the right bets. Bettors taking advantage of this will need to pick the exact number of goals for each half.

That’s harder than picking the goals for the end of the football match. That doesn’t happen as much as many people might think, however, especially if you want a particular team to win both halves. Information suggests that this happens in between a third and a half of all games, depending on the teams playing.

That could make the approach relatively risky, so you’ll need to research teams before betting with the bookmakers. Using various strategies when placing bets with the bookies is recommended. 

Is ‘To Win Both Halves’ A Smart Bet?

Once you know the win both halves meaning, you’ll want to know whether or not it’s a smart bet. Multiple factors can affect this, and you’ll need to spend some time figuring this out. You’ll need to consider the teams playing, their previous games, and multiple other things.

Armed with this information, you can better decide whether or not it’s a smart bet. Typically, however, it can be an effective way to boost your odds, especially if you believe a particular team will win both halves. Make sure you know whether or not this is the case beforehand, however.


The win both halves meaning is quite a simple one, with the strategy being a recommended one for multiple reasons. Before you try to take advantage of this, however, you’ll need to be as informed as possible about the two teams playing. Once you do, you’re in a much better position to decide whether this is the most effective strategy to take.


1. What factors should I consider before playing a To Win Both Halves bet?

You’ll need to keep more than a few factors in mind when deciding whether or not to take this approach, including:

  • Extra time, which isn’t considered part of the second half.
  • Penalty shootouts, which aren’t factored into the bet.
  • Whether the fixture will be called off in the second half.
  • Injury time, which is a stipulated part of the 90 minutes.

Once you’ve factored these into your decision, you can much better decide if the bet is worth making.

2. How does it differ from HT/FT betting?

The largest difference between win both halves and half-time/full-time betting is that the latter of these takes the overall score into account. In contrast, the score is reset to zero once the second half is finished. The teams are essentially playing two-forty five minute games rather than one 90-minute one. That helps maximise your chances of success.

3. Should you bet to win both halves?

Whether or not you should place this bet depends on quite a few things, with the above factors being some of the more notable. You’ll also need to look at their previous games to determine how likely it is that they’ll win both halves. Personal preferences can also come into play, making this a difficult question to answer.

4. Which Bookmakers Offer To Win Both Halves Betting?

Practically all bookmakers that focus on soccer offer win both halves betting. Because of the win both halves meaning, it’s an easy wager to implement and use. You shouldn’t have a problem finding this anywhere.

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