What Is Gubbing?


In the world of gambling, there are lots of different key phrases and actions in order to keep things both safe and orderly. When looking to make some money, lots of people might try to take advantage of a system – betting firms have many ways of stopping any kind of issue. In this article, we’re going to be talking about ‘gubbing’ – what is gubbing, why it happens, and what you can do if it happens to you. 

What Is Gubbing?

Gubbing is quite literally the act of having one’s betting account limited by the bookmaker. When you begin with a bookie, you are able to access any kind of game/sport and be eligible for many different promotions. For reasons we’ll go into in a short while, your account can be removed from promotional offers and restrict the kinds of bets you can make. 

If they suspect something is up, they have the opportunity to stop you from making larger bets with significant stakes. They will always look out for themselves and the integrity of the company, so this can happen if you cross particular lines with them. It won’t be a strict ban on betting, but you won’t be able to do the things you once could. Many may wonder what is gubbing going to do to your overall experience – they may not notice too much, but it can be quite a significant change. You are still able to play, make a profit, and take home some money, but the experience will not be as it once was. Those partaking in matched betting will be more likely to experience gubbing. 

Why Have I Been Gubbed?

There are a few different ways that someone can be gubbed by the bookies. Each reason will end up with the same ‘punishment’ – so you won’t have to worry about the different kinds of severity.  

Those who take part in matched betting will be the ones who have to deal with gubbing the most, as mentioned before. This is because the entire premise is based upon betting with promotional offers. Matched betting is a sure-fire and consistent way of taking money from bookies every single time – so they’ll want to cut that out immediately.

If you’re also just winning a lot and taking too much from the bookmaker, they’ll probably gub you for that, too. While it sounds wildly inappropriate, it’s possible and legal for them to do so. If you’re consistently winning and taking a lot of money from them, you will likely be gubbed ninety percent of the time. People who gamble professionally usually see this happen to them as well as matched bettors.  

Multi-accounting is the final reason while you’ll see your account gubbed. This is also known as Gnoming and isn’t something that is looked at with lots of pride in the bookmaking community. It’s the act of creating two accounts that run parallel with one another – but using slightly different details. They figure this out by tracking IP addresses. 

How To Avoid Being Gubbed

You can actually avoid being gubbed right from the beginning of your betting journey. Placing things called mug bets will allow you to ingratiate yourself with the company and not arouse any kind of issue. These are simply normal bets with no guarantee of winning anything right away. Placing them on high-profile events will make it look as though you’re a normal punter. Normal punters will never upset bookies.

How To Be Ungubbed

If you’re hoping to become ungubbed at any point, then you might have to wait a while. There’s never any definitive timeframe on this kind of thing. You have to simply keep checking back to see if your account has been restored back to its fullest form. You’ll always know if you receive promotions once again.

You could try to place a few mug bets in order to get the ungubbing process moving quicker, of course. If you can add value to them, then they’re going to accept you a lot easier. 


Gubbing is a pain, but it’s necessary in the eyes of the bookmaker. They’ll want to ensure they’re not being taken for a ride and ensure it’s a level playing field – again, in their eyes. Bookies will always look to win, so they’ll do what they must to take your money and get the value they crave. So, for those wondering ‘what is gubbing?’, hopefully, we have answered a few points.


1. How do I know if I have been gubbed?

Your account will become severely limited regarding promotions and the amount you’re able to place.

2. How do I stop gubbing?

You have to prove you’re of value to the bookies. Mug bets and other legitimate behaviour could change their mind.

3. Can you make money from gubbed accounts?

Yes, but not through matched betting. You’ll be able to make a much more limited amount of profit.

4. Will matched betting get you gubbed?

More than likely, yes. They’ll figure out that something like this is happening. 


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