Lucky Charms for Gambling that Actually Work!

Gamblers all around the globe very well know that there will always be ups and downs when it comes to gambling. But do you ever wonder how to change your luck in gambling by protecting yourself from all sorts of negative vibes? After all, it would indeed feel great if you could get a healthy dose of luck to turn a bad bet around.

Now, we all know that gambling is an amalgamation of skill and sheer luck, but can we actually have control over our luck? Some believe there are lucky charms or lucky things to wear that can sway the odds in our favour. 

Whether it is true or not, it is certainly always fun to spice up your gambling experience with a ritual or two. From a four-leaf clover to lucky clothes, colours, and numbers — here are the most popular lucky charms for gambling that may invite lady luck to your table and help you win big on your next bet.

Lucky Charms for Gambling Infographic

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Lucky Charms for Gambling Infographic

Good Luck Charms for Gambling 

Good luck charms — many people swear by them, while others believe they are just a trick of the mind. Regardless of whether it is possible to lure in lady luck with a horseshoe or rabbit’s foot, good luck charms for gambling are fun and can positively affect your attitude. And you know what they say: if you’re feeling optimistic, your positivity will certainly make you luckier!

Here, we’ve prepared a list of lucky charms for gambling, have a look and see whether any of them inspire you.

#1: Four-Leaf Clover

You must have certainly heard about the four-leaf clover — an ancient Irish symbol of luck — at least once in your life. The Celts believed that four-leaf clovers allowed them to see fairies and escape their mischief (allegedly a common source of bad luck). The four clover’s leaves are believed to have mystical powers, each leaf representing hope, faith, love, and luck. Another lore has them symbolizing fame, health, wealth, and true love.

Probably, not many people know this, but there are numerous types of clovers having four leaves. However, the lucky ones belong to the white clover plant, known as Trifolium repens. Another reason why a four-leaf clover is deemed good luck for gambling is that it’s very rare (1 in 10,000). So, we wish you all the luck in finding this charm in the wild!

#2: Horseshoe 

The origin of this lore began with Saint Dunstan, a blacksmith. According to the legend, the devil asked Saint Dunstan to shoe his horse, but Dunstan nailed the horseshoe to the devil’s hoof instead. After experiencing the excruciating pain, the devil agreed to never enter a house with a horseshoe on the door. Therefore, any home with a horseshoe was deemed lucky and safe from the evils of the devil.  

Following the tradition, several people nowadays believe that if you turn a horseshoe upwards, it will gather all the good luck inside its ‘U’ shape. Similarly, if you turn it downwards, all your luck will go away. Thus, make sure to hang your horseshoe right to collect all the good luck and increase your chances of winning the gamble.

#3: Lucky Penny 

There are many gamblers’ good luck charms for winning, but you can witness this one in almost every culture. We are not sure if you have heard the phrase: ‘Find a penny, pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck.’

But why exactly are pennies deemed lucky?

According to the legend, a penny is particularly lucky when you find it facing up, signifying that you’ve more money on the way. Similarly, finding a penny after rain can mean that it is from heaven or the gods. This notion stems from the belief that metals were once precious gifts from gods. 

However, that’s not where the penny luck ends; there is more to it! People toss pennies into fountains and wells for good luck. Moreover, keeping pennies in a kitchen jar is another way to attract luck.

#4: Rabbit’s Foot

Rabbit foot keychains, both real and faux, are some of the most renowned good luck charms. Nonetheless, did you know that the belief actually stemmed from hoodoo magic? According to the legend, the left-back foot of a rabbit, captured at night in a cemetery, can ward off an evil spell and save you from bad luck. 

Another lore related to the rabbit’s foot dates back to when people believed they descended from animals, such as rabbits. Those folks carried a foot or any other part of the creature with them to ward off evil and attract luck. One more belief states that since rabbits are resilient, their feet can bring luck (seeking good luck for gambling, anyone?)

Luckily, nowadays, you would not have to head to the cemetery in the middle of the night and kill a rabbit for its foot; faux rabbit feet are available for sale.

#5: Laughing Buddha

Here’s one of the famous Chinese lucky charms for gambling — the laughing Buddha, also called ‘Pu-Tai’ or ‘Hotei.’ The laughing Buddha is a Chinese monk with a round, chubby physique and a sunny smile. 

This good luck charm is believed to attract wealth and prosperity to households, and grant wishes to people who rub the Buddha’s belly. You can find different kinds of laughing Buddha, each with its own unique interpretation. 

For example, a laughing Buddha with gold in a pot or his hands is best for folks who would like to attract more wealth and prosperity into their lives. Whether the Buddha truly brings luck or not, his cheerful smile can surely bring joy and happiness to anybody around him.

#6: Maneki Neko 

Maneki Neko means ‘beckoning cat’ in Japanese. This lucky cat charm is thought to wave in fortune and good luck to its possessor with its tiny paw. Due to this popular belief, you may often see Maneki Neko placed at cashier counters, pachinko parlours, hotel and restaurant receptions, and so on.

The precise origin of good luck charm is ambiguous. However, one thing’s certain: the first record of Maneki Neko emerged in Japan, particularly in the second part of the Edo period (1603 – 1868). Since lucky cats are popular in China, people often mistake them for Chinese lucky charms for gambling.

In addition to this, just like the laughing Buddha, this good luck charm also has different interpretations depending on which paw the cat is holding up. The elevated left paw is believed to entice customers, whereas the right one waves in money and good fortune. 

Moreover, Maneki Neko’s meaning also varies according to its attire, material, colour, and the item it’s holding. We suggest you get an original gold or calico colour lucky cat with its right paw raised for prosperity and wealth — something every gambler desires.  

Good Luck Rituals for Gambling 

Apart from using charms for attracting luck, you may have seen gamblers performing certain rituals, especially before staking their money to increase their odds of winning. If you want to know how to become lucky, here are some common good luck rituals for gambling.

#1: Blow on Dice

Blowing on dice is a classic ritual to attract gambling luck. We are sure you must have seen it on TV and in movies many times. Usually, gamblers blow on the dice before rolling it on the table, hoping to win. 

Many people believe that this ritual can be traced back to the initial gambling days when gamblers attempted to cheat by covering one side of their dice in a sticky substance that got activated with a blow.

So, if you’re wondering how to attract luck and money, you can try out this simple action.

#2: Cross Your Fingers

Almost everybody is familiar with the crossing finger ritual. Though we perform it every now and then in our daily lives to display support for somebody else’s life, we can also use this gesture for a little extra gambling luck

As far as the ritual’s origin goes, there are two leading theories behind it. The first one traces back to Western Europe, particularly to a Pagan belief. According to the lore, the ritual symbolizes the cross. 

The other theory is tied to the early days of Christianity when Christians were oppressed for their beliefs. To identify fellow Christian brothers and sisters, people came up with this crossing fingers hand gesture.

#3: Knock on Wood

Similar to crossing fingers, knocking on a piece of wood is yet another ritual for attracting gambling luck. Moreover, you can do it even outside a casino. 

Knocking on wood when you’re not gambling is generally done to prevent anything bad from happening. For instance, if you say you have never failed an exam, you would want to knock on wood to make sure you do not jinx yourself. Or else, it’s believed that your words would return and bite you. 

Similarly, knocking on a wooden table before the game begins will bring you luck. This particular gambling luck ritual stemmed from the Pagan belief that virtuous spirits live in tree roots, extending divine power. Therefore, touching a tree (or wood piece in this case) is a way of acknowledging its mystical powers, and by doing so, you’d be shielded from bad luck in gambling.

Lucky Things to Wear

Yes, you read that right. Besides good luck charms and rituals, numerous clothing items and accessories are believed to bring luck. You can wear your lucky stone for gambling or perhaps a dress of your favourite colour. So, here is the list of lucky things to wear to the gambling game:

#1: Anything Red

If you think that colour red does not suit you, we implore you to reconsider! Wearing anything red is believed to bring you luck when you gamble. 

Interestingly, in China, red is considered an invaluable colour as people there believe it enhances luck. That’s why this colour is dominant in every Chinese house. 

So, if you don’t own anything red, we suggest you go shopping today. The best thing about this gambling superstition is that it is flexible. You can choose to be either the perkiest person in the room by donning all red or keep it subtle with a red handkerchief.

 #2: Lucky Clothing & Lucky Accessories 

This gambling superstition is a bit more obvious and specific. Some gamblers choose to wear the same accessories or clothes they wore when they won the game. For instance, if you had your favourite sneakers on the last time you won big at the roulette table, you might consider wearing them again the next time you gamble. 

Moreover, the same goes for any accessories or clothing; just think and decide what could be your lucky amulets for gambling

Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything about lucky charms for gambling and understand how to increase luck, ranging from the rabbit’s foot and knocking on wood ritual to the lucky things to wear to the casino, we suggest you give it a try. You never know which charm, ritual, or clothes may bring you gambling luck, so why don’t you try it out with some of the best betting apps online?

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