Difference Between Badminton and Shuttle


Badminton and shuttle are very similar racquet games, so much so that if you mention shuttle to someone, they immediately think of badminton – but there are some key difference between badminton and shuttlee indeed. For one thing, shuttle doesn’t use a net, and it can be played anywhere with more people.

When it comes to shuttle vs badminton, most people think there isn’t any difference; it’s just semantics. In a way, this is correct, unless you know that shuttle is older and can be played in parks, beaches, and gardens. All you have to do is keep the shuttle off the ground and have fun. 

What is Shuttle? 

Sports that use a shuttle have been played for around 2000 years; a shuttle is a sort of ball that’s used as a playing object. Before the game tennis and badminton, there was a game known as shuttle; this game uses a ball, racquets and playing object but doesn’t have a net. 

The game of shuttle is played with two or more players; it is usually played casually and not in tournaments, that’s because it’s an older game that was the bases for more conventional sports like badminton and tennis. The aim is to keep the birdie from touching the ground using bats.  

Players grip bats with strings and stand in a loose circle – the game can be played with two participants or in teams. There are also different scoring systems depending on the context of the game. Shuttle is the forerunner to many batting sports at professional and amateur levels. 

What is Badminton? 

Badminton is a racquet sport that originated in British India in the middle of the 19th century. It was developed from the sport of shuttle that was popular in India at the time. Unlike shuttle, badminton uses a net and a court, but it still uses racquets, a shuttlecock, and a scoring system.

Today, badminton is a popular sport around the world that is played at the amateur and professional levels. Players stand on either side of the court divided by a net; the aim of the game is to fly the shuttle over the net and beat your opponent by making them miss the return.  

Badminton can be played as a singles sport or a doubles sport. When played as a singles sport, each player must cover the entire court to prevent the shuttle from landing. When it’s played as doubles, one player stands at the net while another stands at the back of the court for cover. 

Main Differences Between Shuttle and Badminton 

Shuttle and badminton are often used interchangeably, but that’s because both games use a shuttlecock and have evolved in a similar way, but there are some key differences. Shuttle doesn’t use a net, for instance, and it can be played without a court as well, such as on a beach, in a garden, or in a park. They both use a shuttlecock, but they are very different games overall. 

If you want to play badminton you will have to visit a local sports center and bring racquets and a shuttlecock; you will also need a partner to play with. If you want to play shuttle, you will also need some people to play with, but you can play it in a park or beach without a court area.  

Another difference between the games is the points scoring system. In badminton, two players compete to acquire 21 points by forcing a drop on the other side of the net. In the case of shuttle, there is no points system; the aim is simply to stop the shuttle from hitting the ground.


Most people don’t see any difference between badminton and shuttle, but that’s because they don’t understand the game of shuttle or its history. Shuttle is an old game that pre-dates many of the common racquet sports. It’s a simpler game than badminton or tennis with key differences. 

While both games use racquets and shuttlecocks, shuttle does not use a net – it can also be played with more than four people. However, the aim of the game is the same, to prevent the shuttlecock from landing on the ground. Today, more people play badminton than play shuttle.   

While most people think of badminton when shuttle is mentioned, shuttle is simpler and can be played anywhere, but in order for it to qualify, racquets with strings are needed instead of bats. However, you don’t need a net, and a court is optional – it’s an excellent garden game.


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