Best Casinos in London: A Complete Review of Best Casinos to Visit in London

When looking for the best gambling scenes in European cities, London is unquestionably at the top of the list. Many of Europe’s finest casinos are located in London, making it a must-visit for anyone who enjoys an exciting game of chance or some spectacular slots in a fashionable and historical environment.

If you’re planning a vacation to London soon, or if you reside only a few minutes along the Thames, it’s well worth your time to visit the best casinos of London. However, if you find yourself too busy to play in person, there is always the alternative of playing online, but there is nothing like the real deal!

We have reviewed all the casinos currently operating in the UK and compiled a list of the best casinos to visit in London.

Without further ado, let’s begin. 

Facts and Stats Regarding Gambling in London

  •  50% of British people played some form of gambling in the last couple of months.
  • 30% of people choose the National Lottery as their preferred gambling method, 10% prefer scratch cards, and 7% prefer sports betting.
  •  The London gambling industry employs almost 100,000 people and is worth approximately £15 billion.
  • Unfortunately, many London casinos closed during COVID-19, but online slots games had a user increase of 25%, and online poker use increased by 38%. 

Is Gambling Legal in London?

The Gambling Act (GA) of 2005 makes it legal to gamble in licensed casinos in London, UK. As a result, Gamblers in London are free to legally bet on everything from casino games to sports betting. 

These laws help regulate the gambling industry and protect vulnerable adults and children. They state crucial rules like setting the legal gambling age at 18 years old. Although, for some scratch cards, football pools, and lotteries, you only need to be 16 years old to play.

How Many Casinos Are in London?

London has a total of 27 casinos with 712 gaming machines and slots.

Where Can I Bet on Sports in London?

There are four main sports betting sites in London: Paddy Power, Betfred, William Hill, and Ladbrokes. You can also find several sports betting sites online.

How We Ranked Casinos

When compiling a list of the best casinos in London, we then looked at their popularity, size, and revenue. We wanted to make sure that we recommend casinos where you will have fun and feel comfortable! We also took a closer look at the variety of games they offer so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

Best Casinos in London Ranked


1.     Hippodrome Casino

Hippodrome casino

Source: Hippodrome Casino

The London Hippodrome initially opened as a music hall in 1900. Most famously, Charlie Chaplin performed as the first-ever act in the building. It was later converted into “The Talk of the Town,” a nightclub that featured many famous stars, including The Jackson 5, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Ella Fitzgerald. Peter Stringfellow was the next owner until Simon, and Jimmy Thomas bought the lease in 2009 and converted it into a casino by 2012.

Because of the venue’s size, it has three distinct casinos spread out across its five levels. The Grand Casino on the ground level is the showpiece structure with a vast array of gambling games. Lola’s, on the lower ground floor, is a buzzy bar. Finally, the Craybourn Club on the third floor has a more casual atmosphere—plus, it’s right next to the smoking terrace.

If you want a break from the tables, the Magic Mike Live stage is worth visiting. It’s an adaptation of Channing Tatum’s two-film series performed in the 325-seat theatre where you should anticipate lots of moves and almost no clothes. Meanwhile, London’s Heliot Steak House, which overlooks the main gaming floor, is a great place to begin spending your winnings from the casino.

Despite its odd moniker, the Hippodrome is one of London’s most famous and well-known casinos. The Hippodrome provides a premium gaming experience to tourists from all over the world, 24/7. In addition to gambling, it offers world-class drama, cabaret, live jazz, and burlesque acts, packing entertainment into every inch of its grounds.

In total, there are five baccarat tables, 20 poker tables, 18 roulette tables, and over 20 types of slot machines to choose from, as well as modern video gaming machines with electronic Craps, Sic Bo, and Baccarat. 

Players at the Hippodrome will be able to experience beautiful décor, high-ceilinged gaming rooms, and exquisite hospitality, in addition to an outstanding variety of games. No casino in London is more worthy of the top position than the city’s biggest and most well-known gaming establishment! 

2.     Empire Casino

Soource: Tanzgemeinschaft

If you’re looking for a Las Vegas type of experience within London, we have the ideal location: The Empire in Leicester Square. The Empire is definitely the MCU of casinos in London. An unabashedly giant that caters to high rollers as well as beginners. Those who have only experienced internet casinos will be blown away by this luxurious gambling facility.

The Empire is London’s biggest casino at 55,000 sq.ft., so you need extra time to explore it properly. The facility was once a theatre and ballroom, so you can expect a high level of elegance built into every inch of the place. The entire building’s aesthetic seems like it belongs on the Las Vegas Strip. 

With 50 games on the tables and 125 slot machines, there are plenty of opportunities to gamble. However, you can also take a break from the excitement of the casino at the Icon Balcony Bar, Vapor, Carlsberg Sports Bar, the Shadow Bar, or the FuLuShou Pan Asian restaurant. An exciting addition is the VIP Dragon Lounge (a club inside a club), where players are treated akin to royalty (and sometimes they are!), and the stakes are high enough to make anyone have an adrenaline rush.

3.     The Grosvenor Victoria Casino London

Source: Grosvenor Victoria Casino

In the mid-1960s, the Grosvenor Victoria Casino (also known as the Vic) was founded, and it was considered the place to be. Initially, it was known as the Victoria Sporting Club, and it was where bookies met to establish horse race betting odds. When card games became popular, it was renamed The London Vic Casino. Gamblers would come from all around the country to play lowball games at the Vic.

 Throughout the 1980s, the games became fiercer until this casino featured the highest stakes gaming in the world, with pots worth thousands of pounds. Then, as poker grew increasingly popular around the beginning of the century, The Vic built a poker room. The Vic is now one of Grosvenor’s casinos and used for the UK Poker Tour Grand Final.

The casino operates 24/7 and has a variety of slot machines and table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Three-Card Poker, Electronic Roulette, and the Punto Banco. In addition, there are 20 jackpot slots, 43 electronic roulette tables, and 32 gaming tables to choose from.

However, it doesn’t end there. There are also weekly tournaments and cash games available at the Poker Room. Additionally, you can join the “Learn to Play” program on the last Wednesday of every month to learn how to play casino games like a pro. 

4.     The Sportsman Casino

Source: LondonTown

The Sportsman has been a fixture on Old Quebec Street in Bryanston, London, for a decade. However, back in 2013, the casino had a significant refurbishment. The 15,000 square-foot casino received a makeover and a new luxurious interior design.

The Sportsman is run by London Clubs International (LCI), a British gaming business. Caesars Entertainment Corporation purchased LCI in 2006, making it one of the 40 casinos where you can use Caesars Rewards.

Within the Sportsman Casino, there is the Zaman restaurant and bar where you can relax. The casino operates 24/7 and doesn’t require a membership. However, as per the GA, you have to be at least 18 years old to visit the casino and the restaurant, so identification is required.

They may also ask for identification if you make a transaction of £1,500 or more. If you wish to join the casino’s Caesar Rewards program, you’ll also need an ID.

At The Sportsman, there is no set dress code, making it more inclusive and accessible. Although they recommend sophisticated casual, you can also enter in jeans and sneakers, and men are not obligated to wear blazers. 

5.     The Palm Beach Casino

Source: London Unattached

The Palm Beach Casino is an interesting location due to its complicated history. In 1976, a casino employee attempted to bribe a gaming inspector to overlook the rigging of their roulette wheel. In 1980, it was also suspected of being involved in major criminal operations, along with two other casinos. However, now it’s owned and managed by Genting Group (a Malaysian gambling conglomerate), so rest assured that everything here is legal now. 

The Palm Beach Casino‘s main attraction is the gambling floor. Unlike many exclusive, upscale casinos in Mayfair, Palm Beach has slot machines with 94% returns and jackpot games worth more than £20,000. This casino also offers traditional table games such as American Roulette, Three-card poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat.

In addition, the general public has access to the poker room and a high-stakes section. Poker is a significant part of the casino in Palm Beach. They feature a poker room that plays daily cash Texas Hold’Em and Omaha games and even held a World Poker Tour event.

6.     Genting Casino Cromwell Mint

Source: Casino International

The Genting Casino Cromwell Mint provides a fantastic setting for exciting casino and poker games. Unlike many other London casinos, the Genting Casino focuses on establishing a social atmosphere while maintaining traditional casino games. It’s a private casino located in South Kensington, London, the heart of the capital’s activities.

Computerised games are also available at the Genting Casino Cromwell Mint. This includes six American Roulette tables, five Blackjack tables, two Three-card poker tables, and a fun table to play Midi Baccarat with the Super Pay Egalite can be found after their elegant reception area. 

The lowest roulette bet is £2, while the minimum bet on everything else is £5. The Three-Card Poker and Roulette games have maximum bets of £200, Blackjack has a maximum investment of £3,000, and Baccarat has a maximum stake of £5,000.

Their Silver Room houses many electronic games, including 20 roulette machines with bets ranging from £0.10 to £200. In addition, all your favourite slot games, like the Book of Ra and Rainbow Riches, are available, with prizes of up to £10,000.

7.     Park Lane Club London

Source: Innerplace

Although Park Lane Club is not a big casino, its three gaming rooms provide a variety of casino experiences. Most of their games are located on the main casino site, and they are all overseen by professional croupiers. This area contains solely table games, such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and traditional poker.

The Gaming Terrace is a smaller gaming room with a terrace, with an amazing view of Hyde Park, and outdoor playing is also possible. You may savour rich Cuban cigars or have flavoured shisha while remaining toasty warm due to their fancy outdoor heating system. 

The only games offered on the terrace are electronic games, such as slots and electronic roulette. It’s a wonderful spot to unwind after a busy day on the large casino floor, which is conveniently situated just next to the Gaming Terrace.

The Private Gaming Area offers access to more exclusive gaming experiences. Individuals, organisations, and companies may book this space, which is only accessible with reservations. It has private dining and a private bar where you can unwind with friends, family, and peers. This area can be set up with whatever table game you like, and you can get a personal croupier for the whole night.

8.     Horizons Casino

Source: Horizons Casino Twitter

Horizons Casino Leicester Square is in the centre of the West End. Upon entering, the privately operated casino is bigger than it seems and provides the most up-to-date gaming facilities.

There are 14 tables available inside, all of which are placed on a beautiful gaming floor. It has six American Roulette tables, with minimums ranging from £2 to £5 and maximums ranging from £500 to £1,000. Blackjack, Punto Banco, and Three-Card Poker tables are also available, with a £5 minimum wager rule.

Blackjack has a £3,000 maximum bet, Three-Card Poker has a £1,000 minimum bet, while Baccarat has a £15,000 maximum bet. They also provide insurance in Blackjack for all hands, which is something that very few London casinos offer.

Along with the live tables, there are 27 automated gaming machines, including multi-content, touch bet roulette, and the most up-to-date slots with connected jackpots with prizes up to £20,000.

9.     Grosvenor Casino— The Rialto London

Source: Visit London

The Rialto Bridge Grosvenor Casino in Piccadilly (formerly the G-Casino Piccadilly) has recently been purchased and renovated. The new facility is sleek and elegant, making you feel like you’re in Las Vegas.

The Rialto is situated in London and is open 24/7. The neighbourhood is lively since there are many casinos and tourist attractions nearby.

At The Rialto, there are plenty of gaming choices. You’ll find both table and electronic games here. The three gambling areas are the poker hall, Baccarat lounge, and main gaming hall. However, most gaming activities and the bar are in the main gaming hall.

You can play Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Progressive Jackpots, and slot machines in this area. The Baccarat lounge even features an excellent Chinese restaurant. The only downside is that the poker room is only open during events.

10. Grosvenor Casino— St Giles

Source: Grosvenor Casino

The Grosvenor Casino St Giles is conveniently situated on Tottenham’s main thoroughfare. This area of London is lively and a wonderful location to begin your betting journey. Slot machines and table games are available, as well as a space to buy a drink, watch TV, and relax after gambling.

Grosvenor One Membership provides visitors with advantages, including exclusive discounts and promotions available only to Grosvenor One customers. Additionally, the casino is open 24/7, so don’t worry about the time!

Grosvenor Casino St Giles provides a standard selection of table games, including Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, poker, and a unique electronic ‘Sabre’ Roulette post. This high-end Roulette table offers players the choice of playing alongside live dealers or automated wheels.

In addition to all this, there are many slot machines and a few progressive jackpot slots where you can win a lot of money.

11. Grosvenor Casino—Gloucester Road, London

Source: TripAdvisor

The Grosvenor Gloucester Casino is a conventional casino with a traditional design, located inside the Millennium Hotel in Chelsea. Gloucester prioritises providing a high-quality gaming experience to its members. Over 70 electronic and table games, including American Roulette, Electronic Roulette, Three-Card Poker, Blackjack, Punto Banco, and Super Stud Poker, are available on the casino floor. 

The casino was renovated in 2015, so the facilities and main gaming floor have modern amenities and a fresh look. The restaurant, which offers classic and modern cuisine in a casual setting, is a favourite among casino patrons. Throughout the week, the casino’s bar has a wide variety of wine, beer, and cocktails, as well as sports streaming and live entertainment.

There are over 20 slot machines featuring the most popular games, such as the Spinning Stars and Lucky Lady’s Charm. You’ll have plenty of gaming options and a large gaming floor to enjoy all of these slots and tables. Fortunately, the casino operates 24/7.

12. Grosvenor Casino— Barracuda, London 

Source: Grosvenor Casinos

The Barracuda is part of the Grosvenor Casinos but with a unique name. It’s in Marylebone, just outside Mayfair, in central London. There are several casinos to choose from in this area, which is popular with tourists and casino visitors.

The Barracuda is a contemporary casino featuring the newest gaming tables and slot machines, and its own bar and restaurant. You can also find other Grosvenor Casinos and other renowned casino brands in this area of London.

At The Barracuda, you’ll find both table and electronic games. Although there is no dedicated poker room, there are several Three-card poker tables, Blackjack, Roulette, and many other casino classics. Make sure you don’t miss out on their progressive jackpot machines, which have jackpots worth more than £10,000.

13. Genting Casino—Chinatown, London

Source: Genting Casinos

One of the newer London casinos is the Genting Casino, located in the heart of London’s Chinatown district. It’s a gaming site with a Chinese theme that initially opened for business in 2014. The property was formerly home to the Fox Poker Club until being acquired by Genting.

Genting’s purchase was smart, as the resort now provides a great variety of modern amenities. The casino operates every day, except on Christmas Eve and Day. The Asian motif is likely because Genting is part of a Malaysian corporation.

The complimentary buffets commence at midnight at Genting Casino Chinatown. Furthermore, visitors have the opportunity to win some very attractive cash rewards. New members can also get a fantastic welcome bonus for gambling. However, you have to apply for a Genting Rewards Card to get these excellent benefits. You can even use your card at any Genting Casino location. The only downside of the casino is that tournaments don’t happen frequently. 

14. The Grosvenor Park Tower Casino London

Source: TripAdvisor

The Park Tower Casino, London, quickly gained a reputation as one of the city’s most exclusive venues. It’s a magnificent property in London’s Knightsbridge, situated adjacent to the world-famous Hyde Park.

This casino is right by London’s most famous stores, such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols. When you visit this casino, you can be sure of one thing: you will have a fantastic time. At the Park Tower, you can also enjoy delectable dining and drinking while taking a break from gambling.

Inside, the casino has an absolute “it” factor, with purple and gold carpeting, and a metal roof adding to the opulence. Thus, the Park Tower Casino is one of just a handful in the vast Grosvenor portfolio that gets the honour of being featured in our list.

15. Grosvenor Casino—Russell Square


The Grosvenor Casino Russell Square (also known as the Stakis Casino) offers everything you’d expect from a Grosvenor Casino: excellent gaming, fine food, and a comfortable environment. Grosvenor Casinos purchased Russell Square in 2013, and it’s ideally located near the Imperial Hotel, minutes away from the Russell Square underground station.

The casino floor is ordinary in size but features more than 10 table games, including Blackjack, American Roulette, Three-Card Poker, and many others. There are also electronic games and slot machines available, both of which have large jackpots.

Casual dining, snacks, and foreign cuisine are all available at the restaurant. The bar is situated on the main gaming floor and has an extensive drink selection and live sports coverage.

Blackjack, American Roulette, Three-Card Poker, and more games are available at the Grosvenor Casino Russell Square. In addition, around 50 electronic gaming terminals, and slot machines, may be found throughout the gaming floor. Another amazing benefit is that there are Jackpot rewards of £4,000 available on the slots.

Unfortunately, the Grosvenor Casino Russell Square doesn’t offer poker cash games. Nonetheless, the gaming floor provides a relaxing atmosphere with a knowledgeable and courteous staff. Lucky for you the casino is open 24/7! 

16. Genting Crockfords London 

Source: G3 News Wire

In 1828, William Crockford, a nobleman and ardent gambler, set out to create a luxury club suitable for diplomats, kings, and the aristocratic elite. Gambling businesses were illegal at the time, but that didn’t stop Crockford.

He was penalised again and again, yet he never complained about the hefty fines. Despite catering to London’s Regency elite for many years, Crockfords now has an open-door policy, although entering the facility requires identification.

Crockfords’ casino isn’t your average casino; It features ornate décor, old-fashioned furniture, and warm hues, evoking the 18th-century royalty-inspired atmosphere. Upon entering the structure, you will feel as if you have gone back in time to 1828. 

Classic table games such as Baccarat, American Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack are available at this casino. High-rollers and VIPs can also use the private rooms and high-limit zones. The Penthouse Suites and London Room are two of the four private rooms directly connecting to the building’s rooftop smoking balcony.

It’s open from 12 p.m. until 6 a.m. every day. But, you can play online on their gambling website if you don’t feel like going to Crockfords.

17. Forty-Five Casino

Source: Forty Five Casino

The Forty-Five is one of London’s most popular casinos;it’s in one of Kensington’s most upscale neighbourhoods. Despite its tiny size, the Forty-Five is jam-packed with gaming tables, slots, and a huge poker area.

It features a restaurant with high-quality meals and a bar with plenty of beverages, and the opportunity to watch all the current sports activities on TV.

After passing through the casino’s reception area, you’ll be greeted with a well-designed casino that provides a mix of conventional and electronic gambling choices. 

There are 14 traditional table games available, including six American Roulette tables, five Blackjack tables, two Three-card poker tables, and one Baccarat table. Betting limits are mixed across the different tables to guarantee that gamblers of all expertise levels find the fun they want. 

There are a total of 56 gaming machines with 21 electronic roulette terminals. The rest are cutting-edge slot machines, including amazing games like the Novomatic Super V+ Gaminator, IGT Multi-Game, and the Novomatic Dominators. All of which offer players the chance to win jackpots of up to £10,000.

18. Aspers Casino—Westfield Stratford City

Source: TripAdvisor

The Aspers Casino opened in late 2011, becoming the UK’s first mega casino. It was constructed on the third level of Aspers, the continent’s largest city retail centre. When the ideas for the casino were revealed in 2007, there was public uproar because residents were worried about gambling in such a disadvantaged borough. However, many have changed their minds since.

One of the main benefits is that Aspers Casino doesn’t need a membership, unlike several of London’s casinos. As a result, it’s accessible to the general public, which is fantastic since it has way more games than other casinos in England.

It features hundreds of slot machines, jackpot slots, electronic table games, sports betting sections, traditional table games, and a poker room.  The Aspers is an excellent spot because you can enjoy dining, drinking, and gambling, all at once. 

What Is the Most Famous Casino in London?

The London Hippodrome Casino is one of the most popular and famous casinos in London!

What Is the Best Casino to Go To?

You have to take into account different factors when choosing the best casino to visit in London. Here are some key considerations you should keep in mind. 

  • Design: When choosing a London casino, the ambience is an essential factor. You should feel like gambling with excitement and luck flowing through the air.
  •  Choice of Games: There should be a huge variety of games so that you can try your luck in all of them. It also makes it more fun for bigger groups with different interests to enjoy together. 
  • Other Entertainment: When you want to take a break from gambling or need a bite to eat, it can be a nuisance to have to go to another place. The casino should also provide guests with other forms of entertainment to keep things interesting.
  • Easy Withdrawals: The process for withdrawals should be quick and easy since casinos often attract big crowds. Nobody wants to wait in long lines to receive their rewards.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Gaming becomes more interesting if casinos offer plenty of reward options to their guests.
  •  Accessibility: Some casinos are too exclusive. While this can keep things high-class, some beginners and tourists may not be able to enter and enjoy them. Accessibility is important to a lot of people!

Where Is the Biggest Casino in the UK?

Westfield Aspers Casino Stratford City, Britain’s largest casino, is officially open for business. It’s located in Europe’s largest in-town retail mall. It never shuts, except on Christmas Day, when a pause is enforced from midnight to midnight.

The 65,000 square-foot facility in east London has 40 Blackjack and Roulette tables, a poker room with 150 seats, 92 electronic gaming machines, two amazing bars, one of which is adjacent to a huge screen with betting options, and 150 slot machines that chime and flash 24/7. The highest number of machines an institution could license was 20 until the Gambling Act of 2005 allowed the construction of super-casinos, of which this is the first. 

Casinos and COVID-19 Protocols 

Are casinos open in London? Yes! Many have opened with COVID-19 restrictions and protocols in place. Most of the casinos mentioned in the list above have opened for vaccinated people, and many even have outdoor betting that makes it safer for you to visit the best casinos in London.  

In Conclusion

The best casinos in London can honestly be a treat for anyone who wants to try their luck. So whether you are a seasoned gambler who thoroughly enjoys betting or a beginner who wants to spend a few quid on a game, you will enjoy all the casinos mentioned above! 



What are the best UK online casinos? 

Some of the best UK online casinos include STS Casino, 888 Casino, and Rizk Casino. Additionally, a few of the locations mentioned in this article offer both online and live betting; including, the Genting Crockfords London and the Grosvenor Casinos. 

What are the best places for casinos & gambling in London?

There are many great options for gambling in London. You can have a look at our carefully curated list above to find out more and make the perfect choice!

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