What Is Dutching Betting?


While dutching betting has become increasingly popular, it can still be confusing to people starting with it. Figuring out how to place a dutch bet, what the dutching meaning actually is, and more can be complicated. But it doesn’t need to be, with everything being quite straightforward once you know a few things.

What Is Dutching?

Dutch betting, also known as dutching, is a way of placing bets that maximises a punters’ chance of making a profit with a payout. It works similar to many other strategies and focuses on horse racing and similar sporting events, alongside sports like soccer.

It involves bettors putting a wager on multiple outcomes in the contest in the hopes of winning. By spreading out the wager at bookies or bookmakers, they can decrease their risks while increasing their odds of picking a winner. It boasts more of a chance of making a profit than other strategies.

While it doesn’t guarantee a profit, it ensures that at least one of the bets will be profitable, making it one of the more recommended betting tips. That money mightn’t be returned on each bet, however,

How Does Dutching Work?

The betting system works by carefully balancing your bets to maximise your chances of winning. While it isn’t foolproof, it helps minimise risk on individual bets by having several bets on the one race or match. It involves carefully analysing the match or race at hand at spreading your risk across all possible options.

In doing so, you’ll need to take advantage of the various types of dutching.

Different Types Of Dutching

There are three main types of dutching, each of which offers its pros and cons. It’s worth diving a little deeper into each of them. These are:

  • Simple – As the name suggests, this is the simplest type of dutch betting and is the easiest to understand. While it depends on the odds, your stake selection can be reduced, although you can consistently ensure a profit with it. There are options that offer a similar stake, however.
  • Set Profit – Taking this approach involves adding more and more selections to the bet with the aim of ensuring a predetermined profit is made. The stakes will typically increase when you take this approach, as you’ll need to be on various options.
  • Set Amount – While this is similar to the set profit approach, it involves limiting your stake to a predetermined amount, regardless of how many bets you make. That’ll mean less risk on each individual bet while maximising your odds of winning. The returns on each individual bet is also limited with this, however.

Each type of dutching betting offers its advantages and disadvantages. They can also need different strategies to obtain a profit with your bets. Though it might take a little while to figure out which one you prefer, once you do, it can be an effective way of making a profit on your bets.


Dutching betting has become quite popular, with more and more people seeing the advantages of the game. While it can seem complicated when you first start, it’s far from it. With a few tips and tricks, like those highlighted above, dutch betting can be a great way to pass some time, and even make some money.


1. Is Dutch betting profitable?

Dutch betting can be a profitable betting strategy, although you’ll need to be smart with your approach. Like almost every other strategy, there’s no guaranteed profit. You should make a profit on certain specific bets, although it’s also likely that other stakes won’t return a profit. You’ll need to plan around this to make sure the bets that do profit outweigh the ones that don’t.

2. What are the pros and cons of dutching?

The most notable pro of dutching is that it increases your chances of making a profit. It involves hedging your bets, although that also means you’ll need to have various bets at the same time, which could be its largest negative.

3. How do I make money Dutching?

While there’s no guarantee of making money dutching, bettors that do manage to do so by carefully identifying the right bets to make. Certain stakes will make a profit while others make a loss. By ensuring a smart approach is taken, the profitable bets outweigh the loss-making ones.

4. Will Dutching get you Gubbed?

If you engage in dutching betting regularly, then it’s likely you’ll eventually get gubbed. That’s especially true if you don’t take any measures to preserve your account if you bet online. If you only engage in it every once in a while and use other betting strategies alongside it, however, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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