What is an Acca?


Not sure what an Acca is or how to place an Acca bet? In the context of sports betting, you can play many different Acca, and they are one of the most popular sports bets in the UK. This post looks at the different types of Accas on offer for you to play.

What Is An Acca Bet?

An Acca bet or accumulator is a multiple bet placed on sporting fixtures, most commonly football, to give it its full name. You pay one price, but all selections must come in for you to win. The more significant the stake and the more choices you choose, the greater the returns.

An accumulator bet consists of four or more selections up to around 20 selections depending on which bookmakers you play with. Although generally speaking, most place restrictions on 10 selections as there will be a maximum payout, and you might end up wasting your money if you place more selections.

One of the benefits of an Acca wager is that you only pay one stake, not per selection, meaning you can keep your bet as low or as high as you wish. The number of selections you make, the bet size placed, the odds and the Acca bet type you choose will determine the winnings, but even if one bet fails, you won’t win.

Types of Accumulator Bet

The type of Acca bet you can place varies depending on the selections you choose to play. While some options allow for more selections depending on the markets offered or promotions, you will typically find the following accumulators on offer;

  • 2 (selections) – double
  • 3 – treble
  • 4 – Four-Fold
  • 5 – Five-fold
  • 6 – Six-Fold
  • 7 – Seven-Fold
  • 8 – Eight-Fold
  • 9 – Nine-Fold
  • 10 – Ten-Fold

How To Place An Accumulator Bet?

Most bookies, both in-person and online, will have Acca slips for you to make your selections to make it easier. All you need to do is choose the corresponding lip or online section for the Acca you want to place. Make your selections, pick your stake and place the bet.

When playing online, your selections box will give you the opportunity to add an Acca if applicable. You can choose from a predetermined Acca bet slip or create your own, crossing multiple markets and games spanning any length of time. These options must be discussed with your bookmaker first to see if they are willing to take the bet and give you the odds. Then you need to decide on the matches and selections on offer.

A winning five-fold accumulator can look something like this;

All selections to win;

  • Liverpool – 2/1
  • Everton – 4/1
  • Man City – 3/1
  • Man United – 1/2
  • Arsenal – 3/1

Total combined stake £5

Total winnings £360 including stake.

You can also choose to pay extra for Acca insurance which means you can still get a payout if just one selection lets you down. You need to make a minimum qualifying bet and have added an Acca insurance option for this to be applicable, but it is a way to still get some money back on your bet.


Placing an accumulator bet is making multiple choices in one bet at different odds for a single bet value you choose. The more bets you place, the better the odds, but the more luck you need for them to win. Accumulators can be an easy way of placing four or more bets on sporting games to give you more options.


1. What happens if one of the fixtures on my Acca is postponed/cancelled?

If just one selection is cancelled or postponed, your whole bet becomes void. To continue to play with your chosen selections, you will need to replace your bet without the cancelled/postponed option, which will change your odds.

2. Can I cash out an Acca bet?

Some Acca bets can allow you to settle while the games are still in play. For example, if you can cash out when some of your selections have won, but some are still to play, you will be offered a reduced price to settle the open bet. This is usually withdrawn within 5m minutes of the final whistle in a football match or if there is a red card, penalty etc.

3. Are accumulator bets worth it?

Due to the value and variance of accumulator bets, most pundits suggest avoiding them if you want to make serious money. However, accumulators can be a fun bet to place for relatively little outlay and can give you a different option to your bet if you aren’t too bothered about the size of the payout or you just fancy your luck in placing a lot of bets for less.


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