Richest Football Clubs in the World

Football is unarguably the hardest sports in the world— and the unparalleled audiences and viewership also make it the sport with the most money. Be it signing fees, player wages, betting markets, or prize money, the amount of money in this sport is simply astonishing. 

Naturally, the division of this money is far from equal, and only several clubs dominate most of football’s riches. While many footballers believe that this shouldn’t be the case, others feel that clubs that generate the most fans deserve to get the biggest pieces of the pie. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the richest football clubs in the world.

Top 50 Richest Football Clubs

Let’s start by revealing the 50 richest football clubs across the globe as of 2021:

Rank Club Name Country Net Worth (US$)
50 CF Monterrey  Mexico $77 million
49 Stoke City FC England $90 million
48 Bournemouth FC England $110 million
47 New York Red Bulls FC USA $114 million
46  Spartak Moscow  Russia $115 million
45 Shakhtar Donetsk FC Ukraine $158 million
44 Colorado Rapid FC USA $190 million
43 Zenit St Petersburg  Russia $200 million
42 Napoli FC Italy $216 million
41  Lyon FC France $233 million
40 San Jose Earthquakes USA $235 million
39 New England Revolution USA $245 million
38 Fulham England $248 million
37 Athletic Bilbao Spain $261 million
36 Southampton FC England $265 million
35 Sporting Kansas City USA $266 million
34 New York City FC USA  $273 million
33 Marseille FC France $285 million
32 Crystal Palace England $300 million
31 Ajax The Netherlands  $310 million
30  Sevilla Spain $316 million
29 Schalke 04 Germany $345 million
28 Monaco FC France $347 million
27 Newcastle United England $381 million
26 Borussia Dortmund Germany $395 million
25 Toronto FC Canada $395 million
24 Seattle Sounders USA $405 million
23 Wolverhampton Wanderers England $421 million
22 Lazio  Italy $431 million
21  LA Galaxy USA $480 million
20 Valencia Spain $482 million
19 Leicester City England $500 million
18 Atlanta United USA $500 million
17 West Ham United England $508 million
16 AS Roma Italy $548 million
15 AC Milan Italy $559 million
14 Everton England $658 million
13  Inter Milan Italy $743 million
12 Atletico de Madrid Spain $1 billion
11 Juventus FC Italy $1.95 billion
10 Tottenham Hotspurs England $2.3 billion
9 Paris Saint-Germain France $2.5 billion
8 Arsenal England $2.8 billion
7 Chelsea England $3.2 billion
6 Manchester City England $4 billion
5 Liverpool England $4.1 billion
4 Manchester United England $4.2 billion
3 Bayern Munich Germany $4.22 billion
Real Madrid Spain $4.75 billion
1 Barcelona Spain $4.76 billion

As expected, countries like Italy, Spain, the USA, France, and England dominate the list of the top 50 football clubs in the world. The four European clubs belong to the so-called “Top 5” leagues in world football, while the USA, naturally, has a large audience of its own.

In addition, Major League Soccer (the USA’s football league) has attracted quite a bit of international attention over the last decade or so. This is primarily due to the signings of globally recognized stars such as David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and several others.

Details of the Top 10 Richest Football Clubs 2021 

About the top 50 clubs on the list, it’s unsurprising that Real Madrid and Barcelona occupy the top two spots— after all, they are the two clubs with the biggest global fan bases.

Another aspect of that list that stands out is that English clubs dominate it. In other words, the richest football clubs in England are also some of the richest football clubs in the whole world. Once again, this shouldn’t surprise any football fan since the English Premier League is the most-watched league worldwide, which means vast TV money for the clubs belonging to this league.

This section will cast a deeper look into the financial details of the top 10 richest football clubs in 2021:

Rank Club Name Owner/Controlling Shareholder Value (US$) Two-year Change Revenue Operating Income
10 Tottenham Hotspur ENIC Group $2.3 billion 42% $494 million $134 million
9 Paris Saint- Germain Qatar Sports Investments $2.5 billion 129% $599 million -$5 million
8 Arsenal Stanley Kroenke $2.8 billion 23% $430 million $47 million
7 Chelsea Roman Abramovich $3.2 billion 24% $520 million $35 million
6 Manchester City Sheikh Mansoue Bin Zayed Al- Nahyan $4 billion 49% $609 million -$2 million
5 Liverpool Fenway Sports Group $4.1 billion 88% $619 million $62 million
4 Manchester United The Glazer Family $4.2 billion 10% $643 million $167 million
3 Bayern Munich Herbert Hainer $4.22 billion 39% $703 million $49 million
2 Real Madrid Florentino Perez Rodriguez $4.75 billion 12% $792 million $92 million
1 Barcelona The club members $4.76 billion 18% $792 million $62 million

Biggest Shirt Sponsorship Deals in Football

Shirt sponsorship deals make up a large portion of a football club’s revenue; hence, they are an essential aspect of the sport. So, which are the biggest shirt sponsorship deals in world football?

 Let’s find out: 

Rank Club Sponsor Deal Value (US$) Contract Period
10 Juventus Jeep $159 million 2020–21 to 2022–23
9 Chelsea Three $166 million 2021–22 to 2023–24
8 Paris Saint- Germain Accor $171 million 2019–20 to 2021–22
7 Liverpool Standard Chartered $221 million 2021–20 to 2022–23
6 Arsenal Emirates $280 million 2019–20 to 2023–24
5 Bayern Munich T-Mobile (Deutsche Telecom) $283 million 2015–16 to 2022–23
4 Barcelona Rakuten $342 million 2017–18 to 2021–22
3 Manchester United TeamViewer $325 million 2021–22 to 2025–26
2 Tottenham AIA $400 million 2019–20 to 2026–27
1 Real Madrid Emirates $413 million 2017–18 to 2021–22


Biggest Player Sponsorship Deals in Football 

Apart from being immensely effective at their on-field jobs, the best football players in the world are also highly marketable. As a result, these players often earn massive amounts of money to supplement their already enormous wages. 

So, which players currently have the best boot deals? Let’s find out. 

Number 10

Player: Mohamed Salah 
Club: Liverpool
Sponsor: Adidas
Deal value: $3.4 million

Mohamed Salah (also known as the “Egyptian King” by the Liverpool fans) is a speedy and skillful football player. Additionally, he is also very marketable due to his popularity. 

Therefore, unsurprisingly,  Salah is sponsored by Adidas and is paid a comfortable yearly sum of $3.4 million in return for wearing the company’s X18 football boots. 

Number 9

Player: Marco Verratti
Club: Paris Saint-Germain
Sponsor: Nike
Deal value: $3.4 million

Although it might be a surprising entry, the ninth player on our list is Marco Verratti. The PSG midfielder makes a substantial yearly sum of $3.4 million thanks to his Nike sponsorship deal.

We mentioned Verratti was a surprising addition to the top 10 because it doesn’t seem like he is as marketable as many of the other players on this list. 

Until 2017, Puma sponsored Verratti, but he left for Nike and signed a decade-long deal with the sports giant. 

Number 8

Player: Paul Pogba
Club: Manchester United
Sponsor: Adidas
Deal value: $4.1 million 

Few players divide opinion like the French midfielder star, but Adidas certainly seems to be on the side that believes Pogba is one of the very best out there— at least as far as marketability goes. 

The brand pays Pogba a whopping $4.1 million a year to wear their Predator football boots.

In addition, Pogba signed a 10-year deal with Adidas in 2014, which means that by the time that the contract expires in three years, the United midfielder would have made a hefty $41 million. 

Number 7

Player: Antoine Griezmann
Club: Barcelona
Sponsor: Puma
Deal value: $4.8 million

Puma signed Griezmann in 2015, and it was an exceptionally smart decision by the brand.

The following year Griezmann became the best player at the UEFA Euro 2016 with his then-club Atletico Madrid; he then won the FIFA World Cup with France in 2018, and finally, he secured his big-money Barcelona move in 2019. 

Last year, Puma released the limited edition version of Future 4.1 NETFIT Grizi (costing a hefty $314 ) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the partnership between the company and the football star. 

Number 6 

Player: Gareth Bale
Club: Tottenham
Sponsor: Adidas
Deal value: $5.5 million 

Back at Tottenham, after spending a season on loan at Real Madrid, the Welshman earns an approximate $825,000 per week.

If that wasn’t enough, his sponsorship deal with Adidas gets him an extra $5.5 million per year to wear their football boots.

With Carlo Ancelloti— the man who was able to get the best out of Gareth Bale— back as the Real Madrid coach, Adidas can expect Bale back at his best once again.

Number 5 

Player: Mario Balotelli
Club: Brescia
Sponsor: Puma
Deal value: $6.8 million

While signing Griezmann was a wise decision from Puma, signing Balotelli wasn’t— though it certainly seemed so when the deal was signed back in 2014.

Balotelli was only 23 years old at the time and still one of the most in-demand players in the football world. In addition, he had secured a big-money move to Liverpool. Thus, Puma thought it was a smart move on their behalf.

Unfortunately, his Liverpool transfer didn’t work out, and the same can be said for pretty much every transfer he has had since (apart from one explosive season at OGC Nice).

Currently, he represents the Serie B side Brescia and has three more years on his Puma sponsorship deal.  

Number 4

Player: Kylian Mbappe
Club: Paris Saint-Germain
Sponsor: Nike
Deal value: $19.2 million

Number four on our list is the French forward, Kylian Mbappe, regarded by many as the best young player in the world.

He has signed a sponsorship deal with Nike that earns him close to $20 million every year— that is a stark leap from the $6.8 million that we had with Mario Balotelli on the fifth spot. The 10-year contract with Nike will earn the PSG star around $192 million in total.

Number 3 

Player: Cristiano Ronaldo
Club: Juventus
Sponsor: Nike
Deal value: $20.6 million

Although Kylian Mbappe has come pretty close, Cristiano Ronaldo remains the leading earner for Nike.

The Juventus player has signed a lifetime deal (52 years) with the company, making him only the third sportsperson with this deal, after LeBron James and Michael Jordan. So, all in all, Cristiano Ronaldo will be pocketing a sum of $1,072 million throughout the deal. 

Number 2

Player: Lionel Messi
Club: Barcelona
Sponsor: Adidas
Deal value: $24.7 million

Considered by many as the greatest footballer to have ever set foot on the field, Lionel Messi has a lifetime deal in place with Adidas. 

This legendary Argentine, who has bagged the Ballon d’Or on six separate occasions (the most by any player in history), released the Adidas Messi, a sub-brand of the boot, making him the only footballer so far to have done so.

Number 1

Player: Neymar Jr.
Club: Paris Saint-Germain
Sponsor: Puma
Deal value: $31.6 million

Neymar left Nike to sign a $31.6 million deal with Puma, giving him the number one spot on our list.
In fact, Neymar’s contract with Puma is the largest when it comes to individual sport sponsorship contracts ever.

Now close to 30 years old, Puma is perhaps still hoping that there will be enough time for Neymar to hit the pinnacle of the football world before he hangs up his (very expensive) boots, or to at least after Messi and Ronaldo step down. 

In Conclusion

Overall, this comprehensive blog revealed the astonishing numbers involved in football and how much money the richest football clubs actually make. 

Although Spain currently holds the two top spots, England dominates the list of richest football clubs in the world, hosting six of the top 10 clubs on the list. However, this list can quickly change depending on the move of players and sponsorship deals involved. Regardless, we learned football is a sport that relies on a lot of money to thrive.


Who is the richest football club in the world?

Currently, Barcelona is the richest club on the planet, much like it has been for the last couple of years. Real Madrid occupies second place, but, owing to the club’s financial struggles and mismanagement, it won’t be surprising to see the club falling down a spot or two during the next few years. 

Who are the biggest sports sponsors?

Real Madrid is at the helm in shirt sponsorship deals, having signed a $413 million contract with Emirates, due to end after this season. Emirates, of course, remains the most significant football shirt sponsor, being the only sponsor to feature twice on the list of top 10 football shirt sponsorship deals.

Which brand is most associated with football?

The association of brands and football is very reliant on the player sponsorship deals. In the top 10 list above, we showed Adidas was the king of football player sponsors, securing contracts with four of the top 10 most prominent players featured. 

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