What is Manchester United Net Worth?

Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in the world and has dominated the Premier League, which is regarded by many as the best league in the world. As a brand, Manchester United has remained one of the most lucrative names, earning millions from sponsorships, endorsements, and partnerships.  

So, the question on everyone’s mind is: how much is Manchester United’s net worth? 

As of 2021, Forbes valued Manchester United at £3.05 billion ($4.2 billion), landing them in fourth place as the most valuable club globally. Although they’re still among the top 10 in the world, this is the first year the sports giant has fallen out of the top three since 2007.

The top spot has been taken by Barcelona, which has a valuation of £3.5 billion ($4.76 billion). Following closely behind is Real Madrid, with a value of £3.4 billion ($4.75 billion). German club Bayern Munich occupies the third spot with a net worth of £3.0 billion ($4.2 billion), followed by Manchester United. 

Despite the drop in overall valuation, Manchester United boasts an operating income of £121 million ($167 million)— the highest out of the top 20 clubs on the list. In addition, the club made a staggering £466 million ($643million) in revenue during the 2019–2020 season. 

Manchester United Net Worth

In one of their latest releases, Forbes stated that “the world’s 20 most valuable football clubs are worth $2.28 billion (£1.65 billion) each on average” (2021). The value is a 30% increase from the past couple of years, and it comes despite most clubs facing a decline in revenue caused by fans not being allowed into the stadiums. The limited attendance during the pandemic made matters worse; despite that, Manchester United remains in a healthy position. 

Overview of Manchester United Net Worth:

A company’s worth is generally represented by its current stock price multiplied by the outstanding shares or market capitalization. Here are Manchester United’s valuations, according to Forbes:

  • Team Value: £3.05 billion ($4.2 billion)
  • Owner/Controlling Shareholder(s): Glazer Family
  • Country: England
  • Revenue: £466 million ($643 million)
  • Operating Income: £121 million ($167 million) 
  • Debt/Value: 16% 

These figures paint a clear picture of Manchester United’s net worth after you factor in debt and the number of shares it has on the market.

How Much Is Manchester United Worth in 2021?

The Glazer Family, who own Manchester United, has claimed that they’re prepared to sell the premier league football club for a price in the range of £4 billion ($5.6 billion). They stated that it’s a fair price tag on one of the world’s biggest and most successful clubs. The famous club can secure some of the biggest sponsorship deals in the world and would be an attractive proposition for anyone looking to purchase a top-tier football club. 

How Much Is Manchester United Worth to Buy?

Most football experts predict that Manchester United could fetch an eye-watering sum of £3.6 billion ($5 billion) if the Glazer family decides to sell the club in the current market. However, even though there have been signs of increased fan unrest following the Super League debacle, the Glazers have firmly stated that they will not be selling the club.

Manchester United is easily the most valuable club in England and has been a global powerhouse for sponsorships. They have been the most widely supported football club in the Premier League, with millions of fans worldwide. If the Galzers ever sold the club, it would be one of the most significant sales in football history. 

How Much Is Manchester United Worth in Pounds?

Despite being pushed down from the top three spots, Manchester United is valued at £3.05 billion ($4.2 billion), which placed them at fourth place on the list of wealthiest clubs in the world. However, it remains the most valuable club in England.

The clubs valued above Manchester United were Spain’s Barcelona and Real Madrid, and Germany’s Bayern Munich.

How Much Is a Signed Manchester United Shirt Worth?

If you’re a true Manchester United fan, you would never even consider selling your signed Manchester United shirt. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not intrigued about what it’s worth. Manchester United is easily one of the most famous and popular clubs in England and has had many legendary players.

Having a signed Manchester United shirt featuring icons like David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, and Eric Cantona will certainly earn you a lot of money. But, of course, the more signatures a shirt has, the more valuable it will be.

A signed shirt or memorabilia has a sentimental value as well, which can raise the price exponentially. For instance, a signed Manchester United shirt from club legends and iconic players can get you around £499 ($688) to £799 ($1,100).

You would get higher prices based on the year of the shirt and whether it was a title-winning campaign or one where the club won multiple trophies. For instance, if you were selling a Manchester United shirt signed by Sir Alex Ferguson and the entire team of the 1999 squad, you can expect to get around £1,499 ($2,067) to £1,999 ($2,756). Valuable memorabilia is likely to go up in price and value with time.

How Much Are Manchester United Players Worth?

Manchester United is one of the wealthiest and most valuable clubs in the football world, which is why you would naturally assume that they have the most valuable players. 

The CIES Football Observatory calculates player values using a unique algorithm for teams in the Big five leagues. They consider players that have been signed on loan from other Big five leagues and add them into the overall value of the club’s squad. 

Manchester United has the second most valuable squad in the Premier League with an estimated value of £996 million ($1 billion), second to Manchester City’s team. Clubs in the Premier League dominate the squad transfer value as the average team value of a club stands at £407 million ($561 million).

As for how much Manchester United players are worth, the most valuable players in the team as of January 2021 were: 

  • Marcus Rashford: £142 million ($195 million)
  • Bruno Fernandes: £130 million ($179 million)
  • Mason Greenwood: £88 million ($121 million)

How Much Is Manchester United’s Stadium Worth?

Old Trafford stadium has been home to Manchester United since 1910, and Sir Bobby Charlton even nicknamed it “The Theatre of Dreams.” The stadium was constructed in 1909 and has 74,140 seats, making it the second-largest stadium in the United Kingdom after Wembley Stadium. 

There is no net worth attached to football stadiums, as they’re not usually valued. However, the stadium’s construction cost in 1909 was £90,000 ($124,035), which is roughly £8 million ($11 million) today.  

Currently, there are plans to expand the stadium once again by adding new stands, which would raise the stadium’s capacity to 96,000, overtaking Wembley stadium’s capacity.

What Is Manchester United’s Ticket Sales Revenue?

Old Trafford is one of the largest football stadiums owned by a team in the Premier League. Therefore, one of the proudest things Manchester United can boast about is that they have averaged over 99% attendance capacity for all their Premier League matches in every season for the past 21 years. 

Ticket sales revenue on matchday tends to vary, as it depends on the number of home matches played and the team’s performance in different competitions. The ticket sales revenue for Manchester United in 2017 was £111.6 million ($154 million), while in 2018, it was £109.8 million ($151 million), and in 2019 it was £110.8 million ($152 million). The ticket sales revenue accounts for around 19% of the club’s overall revenue. 

How Much Is Sir Alex Ferguson’s Net Worth in 2021?

Sir Alex Ferguson is a former Scottish professional football player and manager with a reported net worth of over £50 million ($70 million). He earned most of this money during his years managing Aberdeen and Manchester United. 

He is considered one of the greatest managers in football history and is also the most decorated manager in the modern game. Ferguson was in charge of Manchester United from 1986 till 2013 and led them during the club’s golden era.

He won over thirty significant honours, trophies, and 13 Premier League titles with Manchester United, which was record-breaking. Sir Alex started as a professional player and joined several Scottish football clubs during his playing career. He was a prolific striker and finished as the top scorer in the Scottish league in the mid-1960s.  

Does Sir Alex Ferguson Own Manchester United? 

Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t own Manchester United but was the manager of the team during its most successful era. Ferguson was in charge of Manchester United for 27 years and led them on a winning spree, which included 13 Premier League titles, five FA cup wins, and two Champions League wins. He was knighted in 1999 for his services to football after he had led Manchester United to a historic treble.

Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013 after a trophy-laden career. During his career, he was one of the most astute, feared, and respected managers in the football world. Ferguson was also the longest-serving manager in Manchester United’s long and illustrious history. He may have retired as manager of the club, but he continues to show his support by being on the ground during their match days. 

Ferguson holds the position of Global Ambassador for Manchester United and is paid an estimated salary of £2.4 million ($3.3 million). He also owns a luxury mansion, which is estimated to be worth £7.3 million ($10 million), and regularly donates to his favourite charities.

How Much Is Sir Alex Ferguson’s Autograph Worth? 

Apart from being the manager for Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson also coached the Scottish national team and was the manager of Aberdeen. He is a legendary figure in Scottish football, and as one of the most respected figures in the world of football, his autograph is highly sought after. 

Ferguson’s status as Manchester United’s greatest manager and one of the best football managers in the world in general, has further emphasized how much his autographs are worth. 

Manchester United has fans all over the world, and most of them grew up watching Sir Alex Ferguson lead their favourite team to victory. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to see crowds of people rushing to Old Trafford, hoping to take a selfie or get an autograph from Ferguson.

Looking at memorabilia that has been put on sale by the club, you can safely say that Sir Alex Ferguson’s autograph would be worth anywhere between £150 ($207) to £180 ($248). However, it depends on the item and how old the autograph is because, with time, the autograph’s value increases. 

How Much Did Sir Alex Ferguson’s Last Gum Sell For? 

Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge of Manchester United for 27 years and was present in the dugout for over 1,500 games. Most people associate Ferguson’s career at Old Trafford with the iconic sight of him chewing gum vociferously during matches.  

The more intense the match, the more aggressively he would chew. It’s estimated that throughout his career as manager of Manchester United, Ferguson chewed at least 3,000 packets of gum. The fiery Scot had a genuine love for chewing gum during games, and you would often find the camera panning towards him sitting on the bench chewing away. 

Ferguson’s final match as Manchester United’s manager was the incredible 5-5 draw with West Brom. One fan reportedly picked up a chewing gum that Ferguson had thrown out after the game. He later put it up for auction and promised that the money would go to the Manchester United Foundation. 

Sir Alex Ferguson’s last piece of gum fetched an insane amount of money. It was sold for a mind-boggling £390,000 ($537,217) on eBay in 2019. The price of that chewing gum was more than a Lamborghini Aventador, showing how valuable the legacy of Sir Alex Ferguson is to football fans.

In Conclusion

Manchester United is one of the biggest names in the football world, and as one of the most decorated clubs in English football, it’s rightly among the most valuable clubs in the world. Even though it may have slipped from its position at the top of the charts, the Manchester United team comprises some of the most talented and highly sought-after players. 

The club has struggled to win major trophies and hasn’t won the league ever since the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013. During that time, the club had to wait and watch as their rivals Manchester City and Liverpool won titles. However, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer now in charge, times are changing. Many experts believe the club is on the right track and will soon earn a league title again.

This win would have a positive impact on the value of the squad and the club as a whole because it would mean more money from sponsors and more endorsements. It wouldn’t be surprising if Manchester United once again reclaimed their throne among the top three most valuable football clubs in the world, especially with the current financial struggles that Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid are going through.

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