How to Become a Professional Gambler

Do you think you have what it takes to become a professional gambler? Find out more about what it takes to become a professional gambler making money and hone your skills doing something you enjoy.

What Is A Professional Gambler?

Gambling is a game of luck, but a level of skill, experience and expertise can help you to make the most of the odds and put you in their favour. A professional gambler is someone who gambles to make a living and approaches gambling methodically and strategically to help them win. Whether playing blackjack, poker, online slots or any other type of gambling, a professional gambler will approach their craft much as someone else would train for a career in a different sector.

A professional gambler will play in person at a casino, in tournaments both online and at physical events. They will likely work their way up the ranks to reach their ultimate goal of being able to play high rollers and for the biggest prizes. This is what allows professional gamblers to earn a salary via betting.

Steps To Becoming A Professional Gambler

Bankroll and Discipline

To become a professional gambler, you first need a good bankroll to help you start and make money gambling. You also need the discipline to only play when you can see the best returns and improve your gameplay to increase your winnings.

Research and Dedication

You need to research your chosen game and put in plenty of practice for real and fake bets to get a better feel for the game and other players, odds, and probabilities. You must be fully committed to making this a career path and be prepared to spend many hours playing for money and practising to help you advance. For this, gamblers can look to invest in various tools to help them improve their gameplay and software to help find the suitable games to play and odds to bet on.

Eye for Detail and Value

Professional gamblers put time and energy into finding the right odds, having an eye for value, constantly learning their craft, and honing their skills to take their play to the next level. 

Becoming approached as a job, and while it can seem frivolous, the most successful players will know what it takes to support their goals and will have trained for many years to reach their current level.

No Emotions

The best professional gamblers know this is a job and don’t get hung up on emotions. This provides easier analytical gameplay and a focus on the task at hand. 

It requires discipline and patience to perfect the art of becoming a professional gambler.

Types of Professional Gamblers

Gambling has many different options and markets for those wishing to make a career as a professional gambler.

While most people automatically think of poker players, this is only one of the ways you can forge a career in gambling. Other types of professional gamblers include;

  • Horse Bettor
  • Matched Bettor
  • Sports Trader
  • Arbitrage Betting
  • Card Counter

Regardless of the type of professional gambler you want to become, you need to be aware that gambling is a game of skill and luck, and you should rely on just one aspect alone. Regardless of how good your skills are, there is always the probability that luck isn’t on your side.


When looking at becoming a professional gambler, you need to have focus, discipline and experience in the industry to maximise your gameplay and make profits to allow you to further your career. This career isn’t for everyone, and you need to be confident you can avoid the common pitfalls of gambling and are in a place financially and mentally to be able to cope with the pressure of becoming a professional gambler.


How much do professional gamblers make?

How much you can make a professional gambler can vary, and it is recommended that to make the average UK salary, you need a bankroll of £150,000; however, estimates for a US gambler come in at an average of just over $50,000 per year.

Is gambling skill or just plain luck?

Skills as a gambler are critical. However, you should remember that gambling nature is a game of luck. While having skills can help you in your chosen genre, you need luck and skills to succeed.

Do professional gamblers pay tax?

Gambling winnings in the Uk are entirely tax-free regardless of whether or not it is your primary income source.

Who is the richest gambler in the world?

As of 2022, Bill Benter is still the most successful professional gambler in the world with an estimated wealth of $1 billion, followed by Edward Thorpe at $800 million.

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