How Does a Trixie Work?

Trixie bets are one of the most popular bets in horse racing and can offer you a way to maximise your bet stake easily. Read on to learn how does a Trixie work and what is involved in this bet.

What Is A Trixie Bet?

A Trixie a four-bet three selection accumulator bet. You are placing three doubles and a treble bet with a Trixie bet. But unlike a traditional accumulator, you only need some of the best to come through to see a return on your winnings. A Trixie bet does not include single bets.

While this type of bet is more popular for horse racing, it is available in other markets too.

When making a Trixie bet, you need to be aware of rules regarding the types of bets you can place and how you place them.

How Does A Trixie Work?

Before making a Trixie bet, you need to be aware of the two significant rules regarding this bet;

  1. You cannot bet on multiple outcomes of the same game in the bet.
  2. You cannot place bets across different markets, e.g. all bets need to be horse racing or football, not both.

So this means you can place three bets on three horses in different races, e.g. Horse A to win in the 14:10, Horse C to win in the 15:10 and Horse B to win in the 16:10, but you cannot bet on three horses in the same race.

Let’s break down the Trixie bet to see how it works;

  • Bet 1 – selection A and B winning (double)
  • Bet 2 – selection B and C winning (double)
  • Bet 3 – selection A and C winning (double)
  • Bet 4 – all selections winning (1x treble bet)

To win with a Trixie bet, punters need to know that you need at least two of your selections to come through to get any returns. The returns could be lower, equal to or greater than our stake depending on the size of the bet and the odds for the matches that came through.

If none or just one comes through, you do not win anything. This is where the bet differs from other accumulators of this type.

How does an each-way Trixie work?

An each-way Trixie simply doubles your bet as you pay for your selections to place and win, opening you up for a greater chance of returns. So if you place a total £4 Trixie bet for each way, you will double this, which will cost you £8.

The benefit of a Trixie bet is that you are paying for your horses to win and place. So even if any of your horses place for their given race, you can see a return, albeit it can be smaller than your bet depending on the combinations you win with, but you have a greater chance of seeing some returns.


A Trixie bet is usually one for the more confident betters looking to expand their betting capabilities and explore other options regarding horse racing or sports markets. While there are restrictions to placing money on this type of bet, it can be profitable if you are confident you have good choices and know what you are doing.


What is the difference between a Trixie and a Patent?

A Trixie bet is four bets comprising three doubles and a treble, while a Patent bet is seven bets as it includes the single bets.

How much does a Trixie bet cost?

All of the bet sizes need to be equal for a Trixie bet, and as you are placing 4 bets, your bet needs to be combined four ways. So if you put £3 per bet and placed a Trixie, your total bet cost would be £12.

How to calculate a Trixie bet

A Trixie bet is three doubles and a treble, so to calculate any winning, you need to use the doubles, which are 1+2, 1+3, 2+3 and your treble 1+2+3. You can also use a Trixie calculator to help you calculate your odds and see your potential returns on a Trixie bet.

Are Trixie bets worth it?

Trixie bets can allow you to increase the return on your chances and should be used when you are confident you have winning selections to maximise your returns. While you can still win with some selections, not all, you might not get your entire stake back if you do win. Trixie bets are great for punters looking to increase their betting capabilities.

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