Craziest Sports Bets


Predictions and guesses are common traits in most sports fans. Attempting to predict who scores the opener, which team emerges victor, or how many points will be scored in a game are some elements that make the games more fun and exciting to watch. Unsurprisingly, sports betting is popular among fans. Although it comes with no guarantees, you can earn yourself hundreds of dollars in a win or perhaps sacrifice your last beer over a lost bet. If you think you have seen all the craziest sports bets ever, these ten betting events will change your mind. 

Put it all on red -Ashley Revell

In 2004, Ashley Revell bet life’s earnings on a single roulette bet at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. The 32-year-old sold all his belongings, including his house, car, and clothes, and placed all $135,000 on red. The wheel was spun, and the ball landed on Red 7 to win the British broadcaster $270,600. The win generated lots of media attention, followed by several documentaries and interviews. Ashley Revell’s “Put it all on red” deservedly earned its place in the craziest sports bets ever. 

The suitcase man -William Lee Bergstrom

William Lee Bergstrom, the Phantom gambler, is rated among the best high-rollers in casino gambling history after earning bet wins amounting to $777,000. In 1980, Bergstrom entered the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas with two suitcases, one containing his wager of $777,000 cash and the other empty. He placed all the amount on the “Don’t Pass Line.” He won, filled both cases with won bets, and casually walked out of the casino. Little has been heard about him since. 

Beginner’s Luck-Patricia Demauro

Patricia Demauro easily passes as the all-time gambling grandma following her feat at Atlanta’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in 2009. Patricia pulled her A-game at the craps conqueror to beat Stanley Fujitake’s record by rolling 154 times, including 25 passes in four hours and 18 minutes, to set a world record. Although Demauro declined to reveal her win, estimates suggest she was $180,000 good with a reported $100 wager she brought with her friend. 

The Luck of the Northern Irish-Gerry McIlroy 

It was double-glory for the Mcllorys as father and son won big after the latter won the British Open in 2014. Rory McIlroy’s father, Gerry, in 2004 placed a £200 bet on the son to win the British Open in ten years. While Rory joined the likes of Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus as the only three to win three different major tournaments before turning 25, the father was not left out as he became $171,000 richer. 

A trip to the tracks -Richard Hopkins

Richard Hopkins placed one of the craziest sports bets after noticing Lewis Hamilton’s impressive skills during a go-kart racing event in 1998. He placed a £200 bet on Hamilton winning a Grand Prix by 23, and Hamilton to win the World Championship before turning 25. With both odds placed at 300 and 500 respectively, Richard Hopkins placed an extra £50 on both predictions. Ten years later, he walked home with a staggering £165,000. 

The Taser Wager-John and Nicole Grant

John Grant appeared in Dodge County Circuit Court in 2013 after shocking his wife Nicole with an electric stun gun to settle a bet on the outcome of Monday Night Football between the Bears and the Packers. However, the Packers lost the game, and Grant reportedly shocked his wife five times with the Taser. He was charged with possessing an electric weapon after the wife called the police following the incident in Mayville bar. 

The Man with $100,000 Breasts – Brian Zembic

People can do crazy things when the stakes are high, which is the case with Brian Zembic. The professional gambler underwent a breast implant procedure to win a $100,000 bet during a vacation in 1997 to get the implant and get as much attention as his friend’s girlfriend. Although this may not count as one of the craziest sports bets, it should rank among the weirdest bets. 

Federer Fever-Nick Newlife

Nick Newlife was a keen sports gambler and a great tennis fan. Before his demise in 2009, Nick left his possessions, including betting slips, to an anti-poverty charity organisation. In 2012, the British charity won more than £100,000 after Roger Federer won his seventh Wimbledon title after beating Andy Murray. Then William Hill spokesperson Graham Sharpe described the win as one of the craziest bets on tennis. The bet is known as the Charity From The Grave. 

The Magnificent Seven Races-Frankie Dettori 

Frankie Dettori’s Magnificent 7 is a landmark day many racing fans will not forget after a cumulative 25,051-1 odds made one lucky punter an amazing £500,000. Although Dettori’s exploits were well-known, his magnificent seven-win in 1996 stunned bookmakers and single-handedly cost the industry more than £30 million. His achievement, including the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, made him a household name and one many race lovers will always look back at. 

The 50p Millionaire-Fred Craggs

The North Yorkshire salesman’s £1m bet win on his birthday ranks as one of the weirdest bets since the legalised betting shop started in 1961. Fred Craggs placed a 50p bet on an eight-house accumulator race only to realise he was a millionaire when he placed another bet. According to him, he’s never spent more than the price of cigarettes on a bet and uses only his instinct to make selections on horse races. 

Today, online betting is the craze as many sports fans turned punters, with others switching to online poker games. For beginners, it is best to avoid near-impossible odds. If you have got some winning streak under your belt and got some extra cash for a long shot, go for it and claim your title among the craziest sports bets. 

While it is true that the likes of 50 Cent, Billy Walters, and Sir Ride A Lot made fortunes from sports betting, you don’t always have to attempt beating the long odds when sports gambling. Approach betting the right way, and you’ll not only enjoy the sport but make good profits.

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